Friday, August 29, 2008

R U ready for some football?

Ok.  Here it is...the day we've all been waiting for (well, I wouldn't say all of us, but definitely the majority of our household!).  

Yes, the day that the boys in my house have been waiting for since June 5 when we last saw a Snyder team in action as the Tiger baseball team walked off the field after winning the 3A state championship. 

But more than that, they've been waiting since last December 15, when the Tiger football team last walked off the football field after losing the state semifinals game in the bitter cold weather.

They were pretty patient until the last few weeks when we had to drive by the field just about every day to see the progress on the new scoreboard, lights and turf.  Jaden didn't even want to wear his "Snyder Tigers" shirt a couple of weeks ago because he was afraid it wouldn't be clean in time for him to wear it to the first football game (how often does this kid think I do laundry anyway?).

And now it's here.  The season that gives us something to do on Friday nights.  The season where we go and cheer for people who we don't even know.  The season that has our kids humming the Snyder fight song on a daily basis.  The season that brings us popcorn, M&Ms (our staple candy at football games), and more black and gold footballs then we can count.  The season that brings people together to create school spirit.  The season that helps us teach our kids to have pride for our community.

And it's all because of a brown, odd-shaped ball.  Amazing, isn't it?!

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