Friday, September 26, 2008

Doesn't he look official?

Well, we're still in the full swing of soccer and Jaden is having fun!  We found this official Brazilian soccer uniform that some friends of ours gave us back when Jaden was a baby.  It was "hiding" in the closet where I keep the clothes that the boys haven't grown into yet.  

Scott and Sharla Reynolds, good friends of our family, were in Brazil for many years as missionaries.  They brought this to us not long after Jaden was born.  I remember opening the gift and wondering if Jaden would ever fit into such a big uniform.  Well, now at the age of 5, he does.  And he loves wearing it to soccer practice!

I'm sure Jaxon will enjoy the uniform when he finally grows into it, which I realize won't be long.  

Thanks Scott and Sharla for such a cool gift, even if I did think that he would never fit into it!  :-)

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Nana said...

He certainly does look official. One of the best looking soccer players I've ever seen!