Friday, October 24, 2008

The Writing on...the VAN?!

Jason and I went to a musical in Lubbock on Thursday night and left our sweet, innocent boys with the Vaughn family, friends of ours who live in Lubbock.  At least when we left them they were sweet and innocent.  When we picked them up, they had been taught how to be hoodlums.  :-)

Yes, they (along with Gary, Toni, Hailey and Garyn) were responsible for the defacing of my van!  Jason and I were very surprised when we came out of the show and found it.  We just had to laugh though.  It was definitely something we were not expecting.

When we went to their house to pick up the boys, they opened the door and both Jaden and Jaxon had guilty smirks on their faces.  I said, "Somebody wrote on my van!"  Jaden smiled big and ran away and Jaxon smiled and said, "I did!  I did!"  

This morning when we got in the van to go run some errands, out of the blue Jaxon said, "Sorry, Mommy."  I said, "It's o.k.  Did you have fun though?"  And he just smiled really big and said "yes!"


Joey said...

Great job boys! I am sorry you learned how to be devious to your mom and dad... at least since I wasn't the one to teach you. I need to do a better job with that!

Robin said...

I know a certain someone who was quite handy with the shoe polish at ACU! Hint: She only cooked things that started with "P". Hmmmmm...who could that be?!?!? Siggy?!?!?!? These boys come by it naturally! (Ha!) Hugs!