Sunday, November 23, 2008

Go WILDcats!

I know I haven't posted in a week, so I thought I'd let you know what we did yesterday.  We attended the craziest football game that I've ever been to -- and probably a lot of other people can say that as well.  

We went to the ACU vs. West Texas A&M game yesterday at noon.  We left four-and-a-half hours, 23 touchdowns and 161 points later.  ACU won the game 93-68.  Yes, that was a FOOTBALL game and like I said, it was crazy!  As I've mentioned in a previous blog, Jason is the PA announcer for the Wildcats and he really was preparing himself to say "and the Wildcats have scored 100 points!"  Wouldn't that have been WILD!  Anyway, we thought 93 points was pretty WILD already.  

Below is Jaxon at the game.  He wasn't willing to take a picture with his brother, but he let me take one of him by himself.  The next photo is Jaden keeping his Uncle Joey updated on the game.  We started calling him after anyone scored.  After about 7 touchdowns, we just tried to update him every so often.


zanned said...

Robert & I were there at the game with our daughter-in-law, Abby. It was her first time experiencing Texas really was a crazy game!

Joey said...

Thanks for keeping me updated... and I am glad you waited every once in a while because we could have just stayed on the phone for four and a half hours straight.

cody said...

that was a really good game im suprised that was a football score