Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Full Weekend

We had a fun weekend in the DFW metroplex.  We went for the annual Texas Stadium football trip.  This is a weekend where Jason goes to Texas Stadium to watch high school football playoff games all day.  He's done this on the first weekend of December for at least the last 15 years, if not more -- I think we've lost count.   The Robinetts, good friends of ours, also went along for the trip.  (I use to go shopping while he did this, but now that's not usually the case.  I snuck a few stores in when I could without the boys complaining too much.)

So, the boys and I enjoyed a fun day with Aunt Leslye while Uncle Joey also went with Dad.  We started the fun with the Bass Pro Shops.  They had a Winter Wonderland there with trains and Santa and snow and animals.  The first thing we did was stay as far away from Santa as possible.  :-)   The second thing we did was a reindeer antler craft:

I'll have to post a picture later with their antlers on, because they keep falling apart.  So, now that we're home, we'll fix them.  The next thing we did was a shooting gun game that they had.  You had to try to hit the targets.  Aunt Leslye helped Jaxon and Jaden did it on his own, but I'm not sure how many targets any of them actually hit.  You could tell our kids haven't ever picked up a gun before -- and for that I am thankful.  :-)

Then, they had remote control trucks that you could drive in the snow.  That was fun because they kept crashing into each other.
After we left the Bass Pro Shops, we went to downtown Grapevine.  What fun!  We got to ride a horse-drawn carriage.  This is the four of us just getting on the carriage ride.  We rode around town for about ten minutes and sang Christmas songs.  
After the carriage ride, we walked around a little.  They had a santa claus on stilts and a frosty the snowman and a rudolph and a toy soldier and more all walking around.  So, we stayed as far away from these characters as possible (just like Santa at the Bass Pro Shops).  Grapevine is really neat at Christmas time; I would recommend going there and seeing all the sights.

On Sunday, we left our hotel in Dallas with Uncle Joey and Aunt Leslye and headed to church in Arlington.  Then, after church, we ate lunch with them before we went our separate ways.

Joey and Leslye headed home and we headed to Fort Worth to see "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" at Casa Manana.  The boys were very excited about it, especially Jaden!  Here are the boys holding their tickets waiting to go into the show.  As you can see, we had our own little Rudolph.  
Here's a family pic in front of the beautiful Christmas tree in the lobby.
We sat down in our seats about 15 minutes before the show started and Jaden was sooooo ready for the show to start.  I think he asked about every minutes, "when is it going to start?"  When it finally did, it was great.  Jaxon will tell you he didn't enjoy it, but don't let him fool you.  He clapped and sang and smiled the whole time.  I think he was just a little scared of Santa Claus who was in the show.

Anyway, it was a very eventful, but very fun weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to hear the boy's version of the week-end.