Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's a Striiiike!

Here are some photos from when we went bowling last week in Lubbock.  Jaden has been asking for a while now to go, so we took a little time out of our errand-running to do so.  This first picture is when Jaxon got the first strike.  As you can see, he is jumping up very excitedly!

Next, this is Jaden after he got his strike toward the end of the game.  He was about to give up on getting one and then he did.  He was also very excited as you can imagine!

Just for the record, Jason and I both got strikes without the use of the bumpers or the ramp to roll the ball down.  :-)


Joey said...

I can believe the three of them, but you? I have to see proof.

Fun pics!

Toni said...

Bowling without me! I thought we had a date, Jaden???