Thursday, February 5, 2009

Imaginations Abound!

We've been trying to get the boys well for the past week.  I think we're almost there, but that's my excuse for not posting for a while.  We haven't done anything but play around the house.  The good news is we've gotten to play with, I think, all of the toys in this house because we've been here so much.

We did get out today and went to Gebo's.  Yes, not a place we frequent, but someone told me about some creme they sell that is supposed to be good for diaper rash, and Jaxon has that pretty bad.  I know -- TMI -- but I wanted you to know why we went to Gebo's.  :-)

Anyway, turns out they have some really cool farm toys and since Jaxon loves horses (as long as they are not real), he had a great time looking at them all.  He kept asking for one and I told him he could spend some of his birthday money on one and he was very excited about that!  So, he did.  Then this afternoon he told me he needed one of my combs to comb his horse.  Well, instead of giving him one of mine, we went looking for something and we found a little red toothbrush that had never been opened.  I never saw anyone get so excited about a toothbrush, but he was, and thought that was exactly what his horse needed.
Then, this kind of struck me funny so I had to share.  As if Jaden's imagination was not big enough, this morning he started playing football with his baseball guys.  He was having a great time and really getting into it.  I wish you could see it, but every time I got my video camera out, the excitement would stop, of course.
 Hope you are all doing well and not fighting illnesses like we have been!

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