Sunday, May 17, 2009

Final Thoughts...

Things I learned from our trip:

...that we live in a very flat part of the country.
...that California water does great things for my hair.
...that beach sand is not good for painted toenails.
...that we were smart to take 2 strollers (and I've never seen so many strollers at one place in my life).
...that I was very glad we put our jackets in because we used them every day.
...that even though we didn't know it at the time, we were smart to plan our visit to Disneyland during the early part of the week.
...that I took way too many clothes, especially shorts because it was too cool to wear them most days.
...that Mickey Mouse makes everyone's face light up.
...that we (Jason and I, of course) are getting too old to ride the spinning rides.
...that Disneyland is a fun place to vacation.
...that a dip in the pool is just as good as a bath when you're on vacation.
...that I need a vacation from our vacation.
...that family togetherness is a good thing -- most of the time.  :-)
...that you can listen to the VeggieTales CD one too many times.
...that approximately 2,554 miles later, we are tired of being in the car.

And finally, something I already knew but was reminded of:  God is good -- all the time!  His creation is beautiful and the fact that he kept us safe throughout our long trip was a blessing.  We are truly blessed!


andrea said...

It sounds like you guys had such a good time! "Following along" on your trip makes me really look forward to the day that Nathan and I will get to take our little ones to Disney!

Glad you made it home safely!

The Taylors said...

I am glad to hear that you had fun!

Joey said...

You used to say the same thing about the water in Missouri!

Glad you had fun, now, let's go have fun in Arlington!