Friday, May 15, 2009

Last Day at Disneyland

Side note:  So sorry for the delay in blogging.  I spent Wednesday night packing things up to leave on Thursday and last night's hotel didn't have free internet access.  So, now I'm trying to catch up...

Wednesday was our last day at Disneyland Park.  We were able to get in as soon as the park opened and then we had special passes to get into Toontown an hour early that morning.  This was pretty special because it was not crowded at all and this is the time to get to see the characters and not have to wait in line too long.  We got there just in time for a Toontown City Hall meeting.  They had a special "meeting" with all the citizens of Toontown:  Mickey, Minnie, Pluto,  Goofy, Donald and Daisy. 

Plus, they made us all honorary citizens of Toontown and gave us special badges to prove it:

After the meting, we went straight over to Mickey's house to stand in line to see him again because Jaxon decided he did, after all, want to get his picture made with Mickey by himself.  While we were in line for Mickey, Donald Duck came out and the boys were so excited.  They had been asking about Donald and there he was.  So, we instead hopped lines and got pictures made with him.  We weren't too sure if Jaxon was going to or not, but he stood there for about a second -- long enough for me to snap a picture.  But as you can see on the right picture, he quickly ran away from Donald.

After Donald, we went back over to the line for Mickey, which of course, was longer by now.  But it didn't matter because Jaxon said he wanted to get his picture made.  When we finally got up to Mickey he said, "Oh, I changed my mind."  Jason said, "No, you said you wanted to get your picture made by yourself."  So Mickey held out his hand and Jaxon took it and stood there for about a second again and I got THE picture.  The one he's been talking about for 3 weeks or more.  Yeah!  :-)

After we saw Mickey again, we went on Jaxon's favorite roller coaster one more time and then went to check the mail of the characters:

Then, the boys fought a Toontown fire:

After Toontown, we let the boys choose one more ride to go on before leaving this park for the day.  Jaxon chose Dumbo which was lots of fun.  Jaden chose Astro Blasters which was an interactive Buzz Lightyear ride where you help Buzz shoot Zerg.  This was our 4th time to ride this one.  We all liked it a lot!

After those two rides, we took the Disneyland Railroad to Main Street U.S.A.  We found a horse-drawn street carriage so we decided to take a quick ride on that.  It took us one way down Main Street to Sleeping Beauty's castle.  

We caught an old fire truck back to the entrance of the park.  I think the driver said it went a whopping 5 mph at top speed. 

We had such a wonderful time at Disneyland.  It was hard to leave because we kept wanting to go back and see another character or ride another ride one more time.  But our time at the Disneyland Park was over and it was a blast!


Monte-Linda said...

If you leave wanting more, they say you had a GREAT time. Be safe coming home and get your stories ready.
love yall

Oh yeah, Snyder beat Perryton! BIG!

Joey said...

Sounds like fun. Can't wait to see all the pics and those from the Grand Canyon! Safe trip!

Love ya!