Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Beach Fun...

Ok.  So, the rest of the photos did download, but they were put under a 2007 date (who knows why) so I couldn't find them in my photo program.

Here are some more beach photos for you.  Some guy jogging by asked if we would like him to take our photo, so of course, we said yes.

Here is Jaxon trying to scare away the birds -- something he did often because there were a lot of birds.

Jaxon buried Jaden's feet:

Then, we thought it would be fun to bury Dad.  So, here goes:

And there he was lying deep in the sand.  He decided it was pretty comfy and warm so he stayed for a minute thinking he was going to catch a little nap.  Yeah, right!


Monte-Linda said...

Jaxon, if we have a lot of birds, we want you to come tell them to go away. Glad you did not leave Daddy in the sand.

love you

Joey said...

Guys, way to go on burrying daddy, but why didn't you bury mom, too?

Glad y'all had fun at the beach and in California!

Jami said...

Because Mom wouldn't let them. :-)