Friday, May 1, 2009

This is weird!

This is what I took a picture of today when my husband and two boys drove down the road -- away from me.  They went with Eric, Carter and Andrew on a camping trip.

So, this is weird.  I'm here and they are not.  

What have I done with my time so far?  Well...I cleaned the house from top to bottom; found a single serving of something in the freezer to eat for supper; caught up on a couple of Oprah's; and found myself watching the Texas Rangers -- without any boys in the house!  That's really weird!

I am enjoying some time alone, but I will definitely be ready for them to come back on Sunday!


Leslye said...

Wow! Texas Rangers with no boys in the house! It is part of your nightly routine so you had to carry on with it! I think that about myself when I am home and listening to the ballgames on the radio or watching some sporting event on TV.

Anonymous said...

I know you miss your guys, but I also think it's really neat that the 6 guys are spending some time together. Gives you a little time to get ready for your road trip. Can't wait to see the boy's book.

love you, mom west

Joey said...

Sounds like fun!