Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Got a Raise!

Jaxon has hit a milestone -- woo-hoo! Yes, the one that gives mommy and daddy MUCH happiness. We no longer have to change diapers, AND we no longer have to buy diapers -- therefore, the "raise" I'm talking about.

I knew the boy wasn't going to go to Kindergarten in diapers, but some days I wondered just how long it would take. He wasn't interested one bit until about three weeks ago and he just decided he was going to wear underwear one day. We even bought him a Texas Rangers uniform and hung it in his room to entice him to stop with the diapers (yes, that's bribery!). But just one week before he made his decision he told me I could take the uniform back to the store. My heart sank and I thought we were in for a long road.

So, when he had been wearing underwear for a few days, I said, "So, what are we going to do now?" He said, "We're going to Build-a-Bear with Nana!"

You see, my mom had promised to take him to Build-a-Bear to get a friend for his bear "Peanut" when he started using the bathroom. That was several months ago, but he didn't forget.

So, we picked a day and Nana and Pawpaw went to Fort Worth with us to take Jaxon to Build-a-Bear. He had a hard time deciding which animal to pick, but in the end he decided Peanut needed a brother so he picked another bear. Here he is stuffing his new bear:
And now he's giving him a bath and fluffing him:
After finding the right clothes for the bear, we had to give him a name and fill out his birth certificate. Here is Jaxon typing in his bear's name on the computer:

And now I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the West family: Cracker Jack (on the right). He's Peanut's little brother.
Nana "gave in" to Jaden's request for a brother for his dog Slugger, so he too got to get a new animal.

Here is Slugger, Jaden, Champ, Peanut, Jaxon and Cracker Jack.
Thank Nana and Pawpaw for a fun time and for the new friends!


cody said...

the shirt on cracker jack needs to be changed

Nana and Pawpaw said...

Thank you! We had a blast helping to make the new "brothers".

Kristi said...

Hooray for Jaxon! What a big boy! We are working on our own raise over here, too. It's slow going, though...