Thursday, November 5, 2009

Taking It for Granted

I can almost -- almost -- hear again. My ears aren't quite back to 100% but they are better than they were even this morning. After almost two weeks of ear infections, two antibiotics, a steroid shot, a steroid nose spray and many, many conversations that consisted of "what?", "huh?", "I'm sorry, what was that?" -- I might be back to normal.

This has not been fun! I definitely learned that I do take my hearing for granted. I guess that's a good lesson to learn, just in a hard way. I know my poor kids are going to be glad when I can hear them again. It's been hard for them especially since I tell them time and time again not to yell at me when they want my attention; but lately it's been "mom...", "Mom...", "MoM...", "MOOOOOMMMMM!" That will HAVE to stop when I get the hearing back completely. :-)

And my poor husband must realize now what I feel like when he has his selective hearing. :-) Love you, honey!

Anyway, just a little note to say try not to take those little things in life for granted -- and be thankful you can hear, even when it's not a pleasant sound.

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