Monday, November 16, 2009

Various Things

I guess if I would post something every day (or at least almost) I wouldn't have so many things to write about today. But I haven't and don't and probably won't... so I'll just take this opportunity to post a few things now.

Lunch at School
Friday was the big Thanksgiving lunch at school and families were invited. So, of course, not wanting Jaden to be the only kid whose parents didn't show up :-) we went...and enjoyed it, even though we had to eat fast so they could accommodate all the people. It wasn't my grandmother's turkey and dressing, but it wasn't too bad.

Saturday Fun
This past Saturday Jason and I were part of a group that sang at a wedding here in Snyder, which meant we couldn't go anywhere. That was o.k. because it meant we got to spend a weekend at home playing around. The weather was so pretty on Saturday that even by 9:30 a.m. we were able to go outside and play.

The boys have gotten into playing football lately -- like "real" football. They tackle and everything -- hence the helmets. Jaxon does think he needs a real football helmet though, and I agree. Don't worry, it doesn't get too crazy because the "mean" mom won't let it.

I just had to snap this picture though because I thought it was priceless:

And here is little brother sneaking past big brother for a TOUCHDOWN! (Notice the very proud look on his face.)

After playing outside for awhile, we had more football in the living room -- you know, that West Sports Complex I blogged about before. But now they both think they need a set of football guys. I don't. So, we had to get creative (which we like doing around here). We do have two football fields, so Jaxon got the Little People and the Weebles out for his football teams. I see a contract with Fisher Price in the making, don't you?

It's Right Around the Corner
So, I realize it's the middle of November and I am diligently working on a stocking for Jaxon. Yes, you read that write. A stocking for Jaxon. Yes, he is 3 1/2 and, no, he does not have a stocking yet. I feel badly about that, but I promise I've looked for a cross stitch pattern that I liked and was comparable to the other three stockings. I just couldn't find one. So, I finally decided to take the pattern from Jaden's and change the colors and make it Jaxon's.

I came very, very close last Christmas to just ditching the stockings I had cross stitched for me, Jason and Jaden, and just getting four new ones. But I just couldn't do it. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking what if one day Jaxon sees those and asks why he doesn't have one. That would have broken my heart.

Soooooo, about two weeks ago I started cross stitching. I used to do it all the time -- before kids, of course. Now, I just want to get it done. Here is where I was on November 2:
And here is what I've gotten done as of today. I'm definitely over half-way there but still have a ways to go. So, if you've never cross stitched before, you may not realize how much time this has taken me to get from the previous pic to this one.
Everything has pretty much been neglected -- laundry, housecleaning, dishes, ironing, work. But I figure I can do laundry when we run out of clothes. I can clean the house when the dust gets a little thicker. The dishes get washed at least once a day. And the ironing -- well, we can wear wrinkled clothes for now. But I HAVE to get this stocking done soon so it can hang with the other three this Christmas and my guilt can go away because Jaxon WILL have a stocking!


Linda said...

Hey Mom - think you finally got it. Learned the laundry and dust lesson from my Mom when Jason and Eric were preschool. Think you are a wonderful Mom and well, the rest will get done......

Mom said...

Enjoy the days with those precious boys and forget keeping up with everything else. They grow up too fast! Everything else will get done as needed. You are a great Mom!

Tami said...

Those are some "mean-looking" football players you're growin there! And good job on the stocking! I gotta go work on Jeffrey's now. Sounds like somebody needs football guys for his birthday!!!!