Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Hunts Galore!

Ok. Maybe not "galore." But there was 3. And that's a lot!

The first egg hunt happened on Friday for Jaden's Kindergarten class at school. Jaxon and I went up to the school and picked up all the eggs from Jaden's teacher and then we headed to the park with another mom to "hide" the eggs (translation: throw the eggs on the grass because anywhere else we put them, they blew off. It was sooooo windy!)

Jaden's class and another class walked to the park from the school to hunt the eggs. (translation: run like wild indians all over the place.)

Here are a few pictures.

Jaxon didn't hunt in this one, but he helped big brother find the ones he hid.
After the egg hunt, they played some games. Here is Jaden trying to quickly run past the girl to his right.
A 3-legged race. They all had a hard time with this one.

It was fun, but we ended up back at the classroom for snacks and drinks because the wind was so bad.

Saturday was the second egg hunt. Some friends from church had it at their house and the kids had so much fun. First, they painted egg cookies with icing. Cute idea!

After painting the cookies, they hunted eggs and then a small game of baseball ensued. Surely you don't think my kids had anything to do with that. :-)

After the egg hunt, Aunt Leslye was ready to help my kids dye eggs. She couldn't believe it when I told her they hadn't done that before. So, she did her "auntly" duty and did it with them. And the boys had a blast!

Learning what to do...

One of Jaden's finished eggs...

One of Jaxon's finished eggs...

Uncle Joey got in on the action too...

Now, to Easter Sunday. Are these not the most handsome little boys you've ever seen?!

After lunch, we had our own egg hunt at our house. Just me and the two little boys. (Daddy had to go back to work. :-(

Anyway, this was definitely the most challenging egg hunt they had because I actually hid the eggs. But as you can see, Jaxon's basket is full so they didn't have too much trouble finding them.

Baskets got so full we had to get paper sacks to finish the job. Here is Jaden sliding down after he thinks he got all the eggs up on the play set.
He ended up having to go back for a few more he didn't catch the first time.

After they found all the eggs, the decided to hide them for me to find. Here I am after I think I had gotten all the eggs up on the play set.
However, about 30 minutes after we finished, the boys came into tell me I had forgotten one. So, I, of course, had to go out and get it.

And then for counting the "loot." They had enough candy from other hunts, so NO candy in these eggs -- just coins, stickers and puzzle pieces. After we got everything out we put together the Toy Story puzzle.

We had such a great, fun weekend and hope you did, too!

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Leslye said...

So glad we dyed eggs! It was fun! We will make it a yearly tradition! Next year we will boil three dozen eggs. Two wasn't enough for all the fun we had!