Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is the tooth fairy small or big?

With all the busy-ness going on around here lately, I failed to blog about the loss of Jaden's first tooth.

It was a big deal around here! He's been saying for a couple of years how much he wished he could lose a tooth. So, his first one started getting loose a really long time ago. I can't remember exactly when, but it had to be 6-8 weeks ago, I think. Anyway, it had been so long that the other one had started growing up behind it. Therefore, you can't even tell the boy lost a tooth, because there is no hole.
Here's what happened. We've been telling him for a while that he needed to get it out of there because of the other one growing behind it. He would work on it, but I think he was a little scared to pull it. I certainly couldn't do that to my baby. And he wasn't about to let Dad anywhere near his mouth.

Saturday night, April 24, we were over at Rick and Kellye's visiting with them and Uncle Joey and Aunt Leslye. Leslye saw how loose it was and asked him about it. The next thing I know Leslye and Jaden are in the bathroom and I hear "It's done, Jaden. It's out." Jaden said, "Really, that's it?!" And that was it. I think he's decided he will be going to Aunt Leslye for all of his loose teeth. :-)

So, that night we got out his tooth pillow -- which by the way was his Daddy's. Memaw gave it to us a while ago because it has the initials "JW" on it. I think it's neat that both boys will get to use this pillow.
Anyway, Jaden asked me before he got in bed, "Mom, is the tooth fairy small or big?" Mom: "I don't know, honey. I've never seen the tooth fairy." Jaden: "Well, I hope she doesn't wake me up." :-)

Apparently, she didn't because the next morning he forgot to look and see what she left. When I reminded him, he was very excited to see the $2 she left him for the first tooth.


Arly said...

2 dollars! Holy moly! The tooth fairy jilted me growing up! All I got was a quarter! :)

Leslye said...

Glad I could help! :)