Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 2, 2010

We were so looking forward to a fun, hot July 4th weekend. Instead we got a fun, cool, rainy July 4th weekend. I know I should be happy about the cool weather in July. I know I should. And I guess in some ways I am. doesn't make using the pool so fun. So I'm a little disappointed for that reason. Plus, the weather lately isn't allowing us to make good use of our new and improved backyard (of which I will post pictures when we are completely finished -- it's still a work in progress).

Anyway, July 2, it rained. So, the boys and I stayed inside and glued pasta on cardboard to make stamps for fireworks shirts. Yes, I know that sounds weird, but they turned out pretty cute.
Nana, Pawapaw and Granny came over from Abilene to stay with us for the weekend. There was a break in the rain for a little while in the evening so we went outside and sat for a while. Jaden was looking so longingly at the pool, so while he was standing with his feet on the top step, Jason pushed him in. He looked surprised, but we knew that was what he really wanted. :-)
After I snapped this picture, Jaxon promptly ran the other direction for fear his daddy was going to throw him in as well.
Even though Jaden's clothes were soaked, he decided to go get his swimsuit on anyway, as did the other two boys. Notice here how Jaxon's not actually getting in the pool? Yeah, he stood on the edge for about five minutes then went back inside to put his clothes back on. The water was too cold for him (and me, too!).
More on the weekend to come...

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