Monday, August 23, 2010

Our 1st Grader...

Yes, he was excited! Can you tell? So much so that he was up at 6:30 this morning. Oh, my! I have a feeling he will be ready for bed tonight. :-)

He wanted me to take pictures of him pretending to walk to school. He did this last year. I think he really wants to walk to school, but I'm just not ready to let that happen.Here he is at Mrs. Greene's door. He has three classmates from last year in this year's class. It was so different because he knew some people this time going into the first day of school. When Jaxon and I picked him up this afternoon, he said, "Mom, 1st grade is a whole lot different than Kindergarten. But it's going to be good."
Here's the "goodbye big brother" hug. Even though Jaxon will miss Jaden while he's at school, I really think Jaxon was ready for some "me" time with Mommy.
If you asked Jaxon in the last week or so if he was ready for Jaden to go to school, he would say "no." But if he was asked what he was going to do while Jaden was at school, he would say "play Wii." And that's what he did for a while this morning. He had the Wii all to himself.
So here we are. Another school year underway. Let the busyness begin!


Tami said...

Glad he had such a great day! Glad Jaxon is getting his "me" time with mommy! Glad you didn't cry all day! It's okay Mom, they grow up so fast...but they just get better with age! Love you guys!

Leslye said...

I never slept well the night before school started. Too much excitement! Glad everyone had a great day!

Kristi said...

So cute!! Love the brotherly love. I have to ask...when does the school schedule get easy?