Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keep on prayin'...

There are a lot of things I need to post about.  I'm behind.  But right now I feel compelled to update you on my last post.  Should have done this last week, but didn't.  Couldn't.  I don't know.  Having a hard time finding words.

I want to ask you to keep on prayin' for my friends.  Amy seems to be doing well with her pregnancy and that precious little girl now has a name:  Harper Lynn.  Please continue to pray for her and her little heart.  Thank you.

As for Rex, his brain tumor was malignant.  Now this family has a long road ahead of them with radiation and chemotherapy treatments for this sweet 8-year-old boy.  Who knows what lies ahead...only God.  But please continue to pray for Rex and his recovery from surgery.  But also pray that God will take that cancer away.  Pray for his parents -- Lance and Jill -- as they have to endure what this does to their son; and while they make decisions that have to be made.  And pray for Rex's little sister Ashley who is too young to understand.  Thank you...again.

These people are all so precious to our family.  It's hard to see them hurt.  And God is really the only one who can comfort...and heal.

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