Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Special Day

March 29, 1991 -- That's when it all began.

Dinner.  Movie.  Nervousness.  Conversation.  Jitters.  Smiles.  The beginning of a love that will last a lifetime.

After asking several times, I finally said "yes" to a date.  I don't even remember the reasons why I said "no" at times -- but I'm glad he was persistent.  Really glad!

Today is the 20th anniversary of our first date.  And that first date was definitely something to remember!  Not only because we had a great time, but he also happened to be an hour late.  He never said, but I have an inkling he was a little worried I might not still be there.  But I was.  

The culprit of his lateness:  baseball practice.  It was my first encounter with a guy and baseball practice.  Needless to say it was not my last.  Who knew 20 years later baseball practice would still be running late?  :-)

He still had time to feed me that night.  We went to Gardski's Loft.  Oh, how I miss that place.  Not only because it was the site of our first date, but we had many more dates there -- plus we went there on the night we got engaged.  Besides that, they had the best cheesesticks ever!

Then we went to the historic Paramount Theater in downtown Abilene to see "E.T."  I don't think we've seen that movie in 20 years.  Maybe we should sometime.

I still remember the nervous feeling I had that comes with a first date.  But we were already friends, so it was a great night.  It must have been.  I said "yes" again and again and again and again.

A lot has happened in 20 years.  God has blessed us richly in so many ways!  But the greatest blessing is that he gave us each other to share our lives with.  

I thank God every day for us.


A & D Grigsby said...
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Amy said...

So sweet! I'm glad other people celebrate things like "first date anniversaries"...Dustin thinks I'm crazy :)

And I must be...I just left that same comment signed into another account...sorry!

Leslye said...

So was it just a coincidence that you and Jason took Joey and I to Gardeski's in Lubbock for our first "not a date, date"?

D'Ann said...

Way to go!!! Here's to 20+ more to come! You should watch ET. It will rekindle the memories. Love ya, D

Mom and Dad said...

So glad he kept asking and you finally said yes! We are blessed as well!

lacey1995 said...

How neat! Congrats!

Tami said...

Yea for Jason!! Yea for Gardski's (I miss it too!!)! So glad you guys got together and are making so many great memories!!
Love you guys!