Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!

Ok.  So, if you know us (and I'm guessing most of you do or you probably wouldn't be reading this blog), then you probably know Jason and I really enjoy musicals.  We love going to musicals.  We love singing with songs from musicals.  And we'd probably love being in musicals if we ever got the opportunity.

Well, if you know our kids (again, I'm guessing...nevermind), then you know this love for musicals has rubbed off on them.  For as long as I can remember, they've put on shows occasionally for us at home.  We even keep a drawer in the bathroom with Halloween makeup just for these occasions.  :-)

Jaden loves to perform.  Jaxon likes it if no one is watching.  Sometimes he'll do something with Jaden for Jason and I, but no one else.  But, Jaden loves the spotlight.  And he got to be in that spotlight a little Friday after a week-long camp at the Abilene Performing Arts Company.  He went to camp Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-noon.  He had two amazing teachers -- Ms. Sarah and Ms. Ann -- who did an incredible job working with about 15 kids to put on a very cute play on Friday.

He was a little leery going in because he didn't know a single soul.  And, I have to admit, I was a little leery leaving my child that first day with complete and total strangers.  BUT, it was all worth it.  He had a great time and I'm pretty sure he loved every minute of it.  He made new friends and got to be a star of the show.  That's a pretty good week in his book!

Here is his fan club that joined us that day for his performance.  Everyone except Pawpaw (my dad) who didn't get in this picture for some reason, but he was there too.

The show started out with the kids performing the song "Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!"  It was very cute.  Here is Jaden during the song...

I have to share one cute story about this.  One night as Jaden was getting ready for bed, he said, "Mom, we learned our geography today."  I said, "Geography?"  He said, "Yeah, you know when you learn the dance moves to a song."  I smiled and said, "Do you mean choreography?"  He said, "Yeah, that's it" and laughed himself.

They put together the song with choreography and four mini plays for this performance.  Jaden was in three of the four mini plays.  The first one was the "Cat in the Hat."  Jaden played Nick -- one of the kids whose mother goes out for the day and the Cat in the Hat visits them.

Here they are looking out the window watching the rain with nothing to do...

Until the Cat (left in red) shows up with Thing 1 and Thing 2 (blue shirts)...

The second mini play was "Green Eggs and Ham."  Jaden played several parts in this play, as did all the kids.  But first he was the grouchy guy who keeps telling Sam I Am that he does NOT like green eggs and ham.  This was a cute part at the beginning where he was hiding from Sam I Am so he did not have to tell him again that he did not like green eggs and ham.

But in the end, he tried them and...he did, he did -- he liked green eggs and ham!

The last mini play they did was "Horton Hears a Who!"  And Jaden got to be Horton.  He was SO excited!  He had talked about this play all week and every day I think he said, "Mom, I sure hope I get to be Horton.  That would be cool!"  So on Thursday when I picked him up, of course the first thing he told me was "Mom, I got Horton!" and had a gleam in his eye.  He was very pumped!

Here is Horton as he sees the dust speck floating through the air...

And here he is talking to the Whos on the clover...

If you don't remember how these stories go, then find some Dr. Seuss books and read them for yourself. They really are lots of fun!

Way to go, Jaden!  We are all proud of you and the great job you did!

So, since Jaden was going to camp all week, the boys and I stayed in Abilene and got some things done. My sister and nephew got to come spend the whole week, too.  We had lots of fun helping Granny with putting pictures in albums, shopping, eating, playing, shopping, staying cool, and shopping!  Hey, when Tami and I get together -- it's what we do!  :-)

Tuesday night, ACU was hosting a free movie outside on the Welcome Center lawn.  So, we packed up our lawn chairs and everyone (except Granny) went to watch Tangled.  We had seen the movie before, but there's just something neat about watching a movie outside.  It was fun!

While Jaden was at camp every day, Cody and Jaxon pretty much played their Nintendo DSs or watched TV.  There was some football playing and water fun going on outside, too, in the afternoons.

One night, I had to play with my new camera so I took a few pics of the cute kids we have.

Isn't he a handsome 13 year old?

Three silly boys...

Trying to keep them from being monkeys and climbing the tree...

On the porch with Nana and Granny enjoying the HOT summer breeze...

Me and my big sis!  

We had lots of fun!  So glad Tami and Cody got to come join us in Abilene as well.  Thanks Granny, Nana, and Pawpaw for a wonderful visit!


Pawpaw and Nana said...

THANK YOU for spending the week with us!! We had so much fun and enjoyed it very much. Jaden, you did an awesome job in the plays.

Tami said...

We had a great time! So glad we were all there together, and so proud of Jaden and his "starness"!! Oh, and by the way, those are some great pictures!