Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Birthday Fun

Ok.  So, I have a lot of updating to do.  A lot!  We've been VERY busy the last two weeks.  Very!  I will try my best to get it all on here.  Just keep checking back.

I'll start first with Jaden's birthday celebrations.  Yes, birthdays around here always seem to result in multiple parties.  :-)

The first one was while we were in Abilene.  He got to an ice cream cake just like he requested.  It was yummy!

And he got some cool presents -- two of which are pictured here:  baseball flip flops (which he loves) and a surf board for the pool (which he really, really wanted).  Unfortunately, he does not yet weigh enough to keep the surfboard under water at the moment.  But he will keep working on it.

The next celebration came on his actual birthday.  Memaw and Poppa took him to lunch at the place of his choice -- Whataburger, of course.  That's usually what he chooses for his birthday lunch.  But this time was a bit different.  We have a friend who is a manager at our Whataburger and he made sure Jaden's lunch was special.  Denny brought him a fried pie and a Whataburger hat that he wrote on to read "Happy Birthday!!!  What-a-Day!"  So sweet! 

I joked with Denny to and asked if they sang "Happy Birthday" there.  But it was no joke to him.  He announced to the whole restaurant that it was Jaden's birthday and asked that they join him in singing to Jaden.  And they did.  Hilarious!  Jaden was slightly embarrassed, but you all know how he loves to be in the spotlight, too!  :-)

After the lunch at Whataburger, he got to open some more presents.  Woo-hoo!

The next celebration came on that Friday.  Now, don't fall out of your chairs or anything but I did not get one single picture of that day!  I know!  It's completely hard to believe, but it's true.  Don't know what happened, but my camera never made it out of my bag.  

Anyway, his choice instead of having a birthday party was to go see Cars 2.  So, we took a friend from Snyder and headed to the movies in Odessa so that family (Eric, April, Carter, Andrew, and Mallory) could join us.  After the movie, we ate lunch and then headed back to our house to swim.  

It was all lots of fun, and although I'm still having a hard time believing he is 8, we had some exciting celebrations!

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