Friday, August 24, 2012

Playin' Ball!

We have spent a lot of time this summer playing baseball as well as watching it.

Jaden "substitutes" on a travel team sometimes called the Bombers.  He did that for them a weekend in July in Abilene.  He played short stop and did a great job at fielding and batting.  They even made it to the championship game on Sunday where they got 2nd place.  Pretty good!

Then, both boys are now on a travel team called the Jacks.  So, we've spent a few nights of practice and a few weekends of playing with this team.  Jaxon is really a little too young for this U10 team, but he is still a team member and does get to play some.  

Here he is in the outfield and batting...

He got on base and it's kind of fun to watch because these big boys must think he doesn't know how to run bases and they try to throw him out.  But he does, and they never did get him picked off.

Here is Jaden batting and fielding.  He is such a good team member -- he plays wherever the coaches ask him to and does a great job at all of them.  If he could physically do it, he'd love to play all the positions at once.  :-)

There are a few more tournaments scheduled throughout the fall.  It will be kind of fun to play baseball during the latter part of the year.  Maybe if we're in your area, you can come watch!  :-)

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