Thursday, August 23, 2012

San Diego -- Day 2

I just have to say that the weather while we were there was absolutely gorgeous...and cool!
I'm not sure we appreciated it quite enough while we were there.  But we appreciated it a lot when we get back to the 100 degree weather in Texas!

Anyway, Sunday we found a church to attend.  After worship service, we headed to Seaport Village to find some lunch and do a little shopping.

It was Father's Day.  One of my favorite pictures!

Looking out over the ocean...

They kept complaining about me shopping sooooo...

While walking around, we decided to take a Seal Tour.  This was probably one of my favorite things on the trip, although it's really hard to choose a favorite thing.  Anyway, it's one of those tours that starts out on land and then the vehicle turns into a boat and goes into the water.  So cool!

A few different boats we saw on our tour:

We saw a lot of sea lions.

And then, a special treat:  dolphins in the bay!  The tour guide was so excited he got his camera out.  He said, "we hardly ever get a treat like this!"

It was a neat tour!

After Seaport Village, we went back to our hotel to play around and relax.

Playground on the beach!  The boys loved this!

Our hotel had its own resident seals and this was their home...

The boys really wanted to go swimming.  It was too cold for me, but Jason braved it for them.

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