Thursday, August 23, 2012

San Diego -- Day 5

LEGOLAND!  Oh, yeah!

One of the rides...

One of the coolest things was that at some of the rides with waits, they had places for kids (or parents :-) to build legos while the parents (or kids) stood in line.  Great idea!

One of the boys favorite things -- Lego Driving School.

The boys wanted to ride this water ride, so I rode it with them and we got soaked!

Jason and Jaden rode a pirate ride, so Jaxon and I waited and he threw me to the shark!

Paybacks!  Wish I had one of these at home... :-) ...not really!

There is a miniature golf course in Legoland so we played.

They have neat Lego people everywhere!

The boys had to take a picture of the Lego ladybug for Nana...

Another ride Jason and Jaden rode while Jaxon and I watched.  I don't know if you can see Jaden's face in these pics but it was pretty funny!

I got elected to the spinning ride.  Can you say d-i-z-z-y?

The miniature cities they have made out of Legos is amazing!  We got to go to New York...

Las Vegas...

New Orleans...


Jaden had to take his picture with Elvis!

Legoland was a lot of fun and we enjoyed it.  And, of course, we came home with LOTS of ideas for our Legos!

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