Monday, December 17, 2012

While You Were Out!

This year for Christmas, Jason and I decided to redo a room in our house for the boys.  And it was a surprise for them.  This past weekend they went to Abilene to stay with my parents and grandmother and we had a little fun!  And a LOT of work!

Here is the before pictures:

This was a guest room / play room already.  But, that bed was just in our way!  And hardly anyone ever sleeps in, we decided to get rid of it and make this room more fun!

We started working on everything as soon as the boys were in school Friday morning.  They weren't going to be coming back to the house after school, so we got a head start.  And it's a good thing we did because we decided to go ahead and scrape the popcorn ceiling.  (We want to eventually do this in the whole house, but it's one of those things you take one room at a time with several months in between :-).  Anyway, this is probably what made everything take longer, but it's done and we're glad.

Then, Saturday morning we got busy painting...and painted ALL DAY LONG!  Whoever had the bright idea to paint two colors -- oh my!  Because it took longer to get all the details in the corners and such is why I'm guessing this took all day.  We won't mention whose idea that was...not important.  :-)

Jason got a little creative, too, and painted a message to the boys before we covered this wall.

I'll spare you more of the same pictures and just get right to the finished room!  Ta-da!

When the boys got home, the first thing they said when they walked in the door was "it smells like paint!"  Yeah, it did!  We had a red bow on the door to this room with it closed and they wanted to run right in there.  I said, "Hey, it's a can't open it until Christmas!"  They said, "I don't think so."  Well, I didn't think so either because Jason and I were just as excited to show it to them as they were to see it!  They had no idea and were so surprised!

They were so excited, they were climbing the walls!  :-)

Woo-hoo!  Operation "While You Were Out" was a success and a huge hit!  For a while we kept hearing "I love it!" and "This is awesome!"  Made every sore muscle worth it!

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kristi@ishouldbemoppingthefloor said...

AMAZING, Jami!! You guys are awesome! The dominoes and scrabble pieces turned out fabulous. Love all the fun colors. I know the boys must be thrilled. We need to get out there and see it in person now!! :)