Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I had to start sometime...right?

Ok.  I've finally decided to dive into the world of blogging.  I've been so inspired by those of you who do and think it is a great way to keep up with what "the boys" and I do on a regular basis.

So, here goes.  I have lots of hopes for this venture:  I hope I don't forget to blog; I hope I find the time to blog; I hope it will help me capture many memories in days, months and years to come; and I hope you will enjoy what you read and see here.

For those of you who know me well, you know it will ultimately be about my boys (all three of them :-) !  Hopefully, I can inspire someone else to begin this venture, too.  I'm looking forward to it.

Love to all!


Leslye said...

I want to be the first to comment!! Very cute blog! Love the picture and the design! Did you do it yourself? I was just looking at your profile today after you commented on my blog and noticed how cute it was, but that you had not commented! Yeah for joining the blog world!

Joey said...

Great graphic on top. Maybe I will start adding to my blog as well. Now I can keep up with the boys more often.

Leslye said...

Joey and I are both sitting with our computers and just had a race to see who could be first! I won!!

Kristi said...

Hooray!! I am adding you to my blog roll! I am excited to keep up with you guys this way. And of course, it looks so adorable...very Jami! You're going to be a GREAT blogger!

zanned said...

So glad to see you join the blogging world. I love being able to keep up with the Dominguez families and Rob & Abby as well as others. Do you think I'm too old to start...maybe Robert and I are just too boring :)... Looking forward to hearing more in the days to come!

Shellie said...

Yea! It will be great to stay caught up with the Wests!