Thursday, July 24, 2008

A New Friend

We haven't really done anything very exciting this week, but last week Jaden, Jaxon and I went to DFW shopping with my mom, sister and sister-in-law.  We had lots of fun and found a few bargains.  But the highlight of the trip for the boys (besides playing on mall playgrounds and swimming at the hotel) was a trip to Build-a-Bear with Nana (my mom).  

Jaden had his first trip to Build-a-Bear when he was 3 and so it was Jaxon's turn.  Nana wanted to take Jaxon to let him pick out a new friend.  And he did.  It's a bear whose name is Peanut.  Jaxon was a little scared of the machine that stuffed the bear, but he enjoyed brushing and giving Peanut a "bath" and choosing his Texas Rangers t-shirt and jeans.  Jaden got to take his dog Slugger with us and get some new pajamas and brush him too.  He showed Jaxon how it was done.  Jaxon has slept with Peanut every night since we brought him home.  Thanks, Nana!

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Mom said...

We love your blog! It was such a privilege to take two adorable boys to Build-a-Bear. It was very much a Nana thing!!! I enjoyed EVERY minute of our shopping trip.

Love you,