Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who needs a swimming pool?

As most of you know, we do have an in-ground swimming pool in our backyard, but today I asked myself -- why? Who needs one when you have two imaginative children like we do?

I guess Jaden and Jaxon are going into Olympic withdrawals because I walked into the living room to find them having swimming races. They had created a "swimming pool" on the carpet with golf clubs, golf bags and guitars marking the "lanes." Jaden even went outside and got his goggles. Jaxon did too, but he doesn't like wearing them.

When I walked in, they put me to work. I had to be the person to start them off and they wouldn't even let me say "go." NO -- I had to "beep" just like in the Olympic swim races. It was so funny that I just had to share a short video of it with you.

Love to all!


Monte-Linda said...

This is what "being a kid" is all about.
Gotta love em!

nana and pawpaw said...

That is adorable!!!!! Thanks for sharing. They are precious boys.

Tami said...

Hey! Jeff and I were cracking up! We got tickled at Jaxon because he couldn't "swim" for laughing there at the end. I think the American took a bit of a nosedive though. Loved it! Thanks for sharing. And just so you know...I have you in my favorites now!!

Leslye said...

That is priceless! I laughed out loud! Who knew you could have the Water Cube right in your own living room floor??