Wednesday, September 10, 2008

They're at it again...

Since it was rainy and in the mid-60s yesterday, the boys decided to get out our Cranium Mega Fort so we could build stuff.  After we built a house and a castle and something else, Jaden built what he called a "slip 'n' sliding."  Then they both went to their room and put their swimsuits on.  So, they slipped and slid all over the hallway. :-)

Yes, their imaginations are wild and crazy -- and I love it!



zanned said...

I love seeing what you and the boys are doing! You are so creative and are doing a great job encouraging their development.

Shellie said...

Your boys are full of energy! I'm glad you have a blog now, so that we can all keep up!

Tarleton Athletics said...

OUCH! When Jaxon falls down on the "slip and sliding"... it hurts me!

I am so glad they enjoy their imaginations! They are so smart (good thing their sister's brother is in the famliy to pass that along!)