Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Voice of ACU Football

After a two-year hiatus, Jason was asked to come back and announce the ACU home football games.  He enjoys doing it so much and was very excited when they asked him again.  He stopped for two years because of having to travel back to Abilene, but we decided we'd probably go to the games anyway, so why shouldn't he work while enjoying one of his favorite sports (and teams).  The first home game was Saturday and he did a great job!
Jaden, Jaxon and I sat in the press box with him.  They both REALLY wanted to help Dad with the announcing but I bet you can guess that they didn't get to.  So, they did their own announcing down the way using highlighters as microphones.  It was pretty cute!  I even had to be Jaden's "spotter" and tell him who tackled who and what yard line they were on.

ACU will be a fun team to watch this year, so put on your purple and white and GO WILDCATS!


Kristi said...

Sure makes me miss ACU...and you guys, too.

Leslye said...

I am sure Jaden and Jaxon did a great job of announcing too! I love the "microphones"!!

Joey said...

Good luck to the Wildcats...except on Oct. 25. It will be fun to hear his voice on the PA, I just hope the outcome is the same as last time we came "to Shotwell Stadium... home of your ACU Wildcats."