Friday, October 3, 2008

Lookout Broadway -- Here We Come!

During the past couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to paint the set for a play that is being done at our local Ritz Theater.  I did it last year in an emergency situation, so this year when the time rolled around to do it, I volunteered again.  I had lots of fun with it last year and this year, too.  I think it's kind of a neat thing to get to do.

While I spent many hours painting usually alone, I did a little daydreaming -- not something I normally have time or quiet to do.  :-)  I daydreamed about going to New York and making a living as a family.  Yes, call me crazy, but ever since Jason and I visited New York City the first time I've always thought it would be so cool to live there.  I feel sure I'd get tired of the hustle and bustle 24/7, but I think it would be neat to give it a try.

So, my daydreams had me thinking about what each family member could do.  Of course, I think I have the two most talented kids in the world.  (I'm supposed to think that, right?)  If you saw a previous blog that I did, then you know they are already destined to be actors.  Well, they got in on the painting this week, too.  They helped me put the finishing touches on the set.  

Jason has already acted in two local productions and was very convincing as a coyote.  If you look here at his picture then you can see he was so good that Jaxon wasn't real sure that it was daddy.

Jaden and Jaxon can even do their own makeup, too.  Here is something they did recently before putting on a play at home.

So, I was just thinking and daydreaming about what each of us could do in NYC...and then I woke up, finished painting, got back to real life, and decided that life here in Texas is pretty good.  I guess we should just stick to our "West House" theater and maybe some local theater every now and then.  

I am anxiously waiting for the day when we can take the boys to visit NYC.  That will be fun!


Joey said...

I want to go back to NYC as well... Let's all go!

Nana said...

Just keep daydreaming!!!! :-)
NYC is way too far away for grandchilden to live and be
away from their grandparents!!!

But, I would love to go to NYC too someday!!!!!!!!!!!! I might - I said MIGHT - even fly!