Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goin' to the Lake

We had a very fun and exciting weekend.  After we did a little trick-or-treating in Abilene on Friday, we headed to Breckenridge to watch the Tigers play football.  We have some friends from church that have a lake house there and they invited us to stay for the weekend.  We had so much fun!  Our weekend was filled with football, golf, fishing, boating, even a little shopping for mom and, of course, eating!

Beware!  I have lots of pictures to post.

When we got to the house before the game, Jaden found a good climbing tree.  He also found an accomplice to help him up into that tree.  The look on Rick's face here is like "Gee, what did I do?"  :-)

Jaxon decided to get in on the tree climbing fun, too!

On Saturday, the guys went golfing and the girls went to Albany to do a little shopping.  After we got back from Albany, we went to pick up the two little guys because apparently they had had enough golf.  So, it was to the lake we went.

Sherry and Keitha took Jaden for a boat ride, but Jaxon didn't want to go.  Jaden was very excited.  All he kept saying was, "Sherry, I want to go fast and far!"  And they did.  She even let him drive, and he thought that was super cool!

This is what 9 holes of golf will do to a 2 year old.  I don't think he moved a muscle the whole 2 1/2 hours he was asleep.

When Jaxon woke up from his nap, he decided a boat ride would be fun.  So, as Jay and Rick were getting back in from fishing, they took him back out for a ride.  He wasn't too sure about it (hence the look on his face), but I think he had fun after they got going.

Sherry took the boys fishing on Saturday, but unfortunately, nothing was biting.  So, they tried again on Sunday before we left for home.  It's amazing the difference a day can make.  

After just a few minutes of trying, Jaden caught his first fish of the weekend.  He was very excited!

Next, it was Jaxon's turn.  You can see by this picture that he, too, was excited, but you can also see that he wasn't doing any of the work.  He still thought it was his catch though.  :-)

Jaden ended up catching, technically 3 fish, but he says 4 because one did get a way just as it was coming up.  I think Jaxon "caught" 2.  They had so much fun.  It's nice to have friends that will take them fishing because if you know us at all, you know their parents aren't going to do it. :-)

After Jaden caught his first fish, Sherry said, "Jaden, you need to get your story ready to tell people about your fish."  He didn't exactly know what that meant, but when we got home, he said, "Mom, can you help me right my story?"  I said, "What story?"  And he said, "You know.  Sherry said I better get my story ready so I need to write down my story."  And he did.  He asked me how to spell everything and here is his story:


Leslye said...

Fun times! Looks like Jaden and Jaxon are quite the fishermen! I love the story about "the story"!

Jami said...

So glad ya'll had so much fun. Glad there are some people to let those poor neglected kids experience fishing (ha, ha)!!!!