Sunday, November 2, 2008

Way to go Red Raiders!

This picture has a story behind it that I need to explain.  

Our good friends -- James and Keitha Brown -- gave the boys these Texas Tech t-shirts this past weekend.  There has been an ongoing battle between Jaden (who is usually not afraid to say what he thinks) and James (who kept singing the Texas fight song to Jaden every time he saw him this week) about who was going to win the Texas Tech vs. Texas football game last night.  

They wrapped these shirts in Texas Longhorn wrapping paper and when Keitha handed the gift to Jaxon, he got excited that he received a gift and tore into it and opened it.  When she handed it to Jaden he dropped it on the floor and went "yuck!" 

After she convinced him that he might want to open it, he liked what was inside.  So, I took this picture of them holding their guns up, their t-shirts up, and if you'll notice, the Texas Longhorn wrapping paper is on the floor behind them (intentionally, of course).


Leslye said...

That's too funny! Way to go Red Raiders! Joey is still crying about the Texas loss! I am still cheering on the Red Raiders! A friendly rivialry!

Joey said...

We'll still be standing in the end! You got us last night, but we can still win it all! Go Horns!!!!

cody said...

im sorry to say but texas tech stinks