Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom's New Toys

We have dry clothes now and it's not because I had to go over to my in-law's house.  It's because I finally broke down and decided to go make the big purchase this weekend.  I went ahead and bought a new washer, too, for fear that it might stop working soon as well.  

So, I was able to give them both a try yesterday and -- yeah! -- we have clean, dry clothes.

As you can see, they are nothing fancy -- just plain, boring white.  But that's just what I wanted.  I'm just so excited to back in line with the modern conveniences of the day.


Leslye said...

Welcome back to the modern world! Glad you found what you wanted! I like the new blog design! Looks good!

Joey said...

I'm glad you got new toys that are yours and not the three boys'! Enjoy using them... just sorry for the circumstances in which you had to try them out.

Good to see you this weekend! Love ya!