Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is that for sale?

The answer was usually YES!  Except for when anyone asked to buy these two:

Nobody was willing to pay us enough for them.  :-)

I helped my mother-in-law with her garage sale this weekend.  And we are glad it's over.  I call it "her" garage sale because most of it was her stuff.  I had very few items in it in the whole scheme of things.  We just helped her a little.

Jaden made us a sign:

And here is the garage full of the stuff.  Yes, your eyes do NOT deceive you.  The garage was packed, and the driveway was full of stuff, too.

BUT, everything is now gone!  Yeah!  This picture just shows a few boxes of Christmas stuff that were awaiting a man to pick them up.  After two weeks of a full garage, they are now able to use the garage for what it is intended.
And my guess is that this garage will always be used to park cars and no more garage sales as long as my in-laws live there.  :-)


Leslye said...

Looks like a successful garage sale!

I will let you know when we have ours and you can come down for it! I need a good sign maker and 2 cute boys! :)

Joey said...

Yeah, I bet they drew some attention and customers just by themselves! You can come help, that'd be great!

Monte-Linda said...

Jami, along with Jason, who had to empty out the attic, did all the physical work. The attic is empty and garage is close and will be as soon as Jason and I can sort through some more things. It's a GREAT feeling. Thanks kids, I love you..........