Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Craziness of School

We got to experience a little of this today when we got to go eat lunch with Jaden. That's right -- we GOT to go. It WAS a choice even though many people warned us about how loud and crazy it would be. He asked if Jaxon, Daddy and I would come eat with him, so, of course, we said yes. It really wasn't bad and he was very excited that we came.

And the food -- wow! This is not your momma's cafeteria people. The food was actually good. I just don't remember the food being good when I was in school. That would be why I took a peanut butter sandwich every day for, uh, probably about 7 years. :-)

Anyway, I hate to post things without pictures, but I forgot my camera today. Now that those of you who truly know me have gotten back in your chair -- you read that right. The queen of picture taking actually forgot her camera at her son's first lunch at school with his family. Sorry. Really I am. But I feel certain we will be going back to eat with him and I'll get pictures then.

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Linda said...

Keep re-reading to see if the pics show up.....