Monday, September 7, 2009

The Weekend + Monday

We have had a very full weekend. We went from wearing our Tiger black and gold on Friday night to our Wildcat purple and white on Saturday.

Jason is once again the announcer for the ACU football games.
And the boys are once again wanting to be "in the action" and very willing to help.

Here is "our" booth in the press box. I'm pretty sure Dad has more help than he could possibly need. :-)

So, after a fairly relaxing Sunday, we decided to take Labor Day literally. Unfortunately. Because now we (Jason and I) are both extremely tired and ridiculously sore from all that we did.

What you might ask (possibly thinking to yourself that maybe we mowed the yard or vacuumed the carpet or something like that)? Oh, no. Let's see. First the boys and I cleaned out ALL the toys and once again relocated them to the play room where they are intended to be.

Then, I got the urge to clean out my refrigerator. I don't just mean throw away all the yucky old stuff. No. I do that quite often. I took everything out and cleaned the shelves and wiped the whole thing down. Productive, huh?

Then, I joined Jason outside who was in the process of cutting all the branches off our tree in the backyard. Fall came to our backyard early and all at once today. There will be no leaves to rake or fall in the pool in the next few weeks when the season approaches.

And after:
I know. Not so pretty. But remind yourself "they won't have to be raking any leaves when I am having to rake leaves." :-)

Then the boys and I cleaned up a large pile of dirt that was left from when our pool got redone a couple of years ago.

So, now both boys are fast asleep and Mom and Dad are struggling to walk every time we get up to do something. Ugh! We've decided next Labor Day we aren't going to labor.

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Linda said...

Yall make me tired.....