Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soccer Season is Here

Well, I haven't written about it yet, but our soccer season has begun. Jaden is on the Rockets this year and his Daddy is again his coach, which he is very excited about.

Here he is with Jaxon right before his first game, which was this past Thursday.
They did well, especially since we had no subs that day and the four players that we did have had to play the whole game. Jaden made one goal, so he was thrilled about that.

Here is Coach Jason giving his team some last minute instructions. (Jaden is No. 6.)

Then we had our second game last night. We had a conflict in that Coach Jason had to be in Abilene to announce the ACU game so guess who got to "coach" the Rockets? Yep, yours truly. I'm not sure how much coaching I actually did, but I did do a lot of yelling. :-)

Nana, Granny and Cody surprised Jaden for his game last night. He was so excited when the door bell rang and he saw Cody through the window on the door. He couldn't open the door fast enough. Here is Cody warming up with Jaden and Jaxon before the game.
My one and, hopefully, only coaching gig didn't end in a win, BUT it didn't end in a loss either. We tied 4-4. Jaden made 3 goals and was super excited about that! He told his Daddy on the phone that he thought I should coach more often. That's sweet, but I guarantee you it wasn't who was coaching it was just his quick feet! :-)

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