Monday, September 28, 2009

Up, Up and Awaaaayyyy!

We had a very eventful weekend. We did A LOT of driving -- well, Jason did the driving and I did the riding. The boys got the sweet end of the deal in that department because they just had to ride to Abilene and back, and that's all for them.

Friday evening we took the boys to the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Abilene. It was really neat and they were pretty impressed with the balloons. But first they got to play on all the inflatable slides and stuff they had.

Then, they got to ride the little train. This is the two of them standing in line waiting for their turn on the train. I just like this picture because I wonder what in the world big brother is telling little brother.

Then, we got our lawn chairs and sat down with Nana and Pawpaw to watch some of the balloons go up. One went up right in front of us.

And here it is when it was finished.

Then, they had the balloon glow where all the balloons would start their fires at once and they would glow in the dark. That was really neat to see.

It was really a lot of fun, and we were glad we went.

On Saturday, we went to the ACU football game and then Jason and I left the boys with Nana and Pawpaw and headed to Joey and Leslye's house in Stephenville. We spent the night there so we would be a bit closer to Dallas so I could get my birthday present on Sunday.


Jason gave me Mary Poppins musical tickets for my birthday and I was so VERY excited about it. Even though it was a lot of driving, it was well worth it because the show was so good.

We ate the buffet at Fair Park Music Hall before the show. It was yummy! Then, he wouldn't tell me where are seats were so I didn't know until we walked to them. Wow! 8th row right in the middle. My kind of theatre seats!

The show was AWESOME! The seats were AWESOME! My husband is AWESOME!
Can you tell I had a good time?! :-)

The State Fair of Texas was going on so we got to walk around a bit after the show before heading back to Abilene to get the boys. We, of course, had to have our picture taken with Big Tex!
It was a CrAZy weekend, but very fun! Have I ever mentioned how incredibly wonderful my husband is?! Well, just in case I haven't...he is. Thank you, honey, for my "practically perfect" birthday present!


Arly said...

Ok when did you go to the Balloon Festival? Because we went, thinking Nathan would enjoy the colors... and saw NARY a balloon. It was rather disappointing.

Pawpaw and Nana said...

WE got the best deal. We got to enjoy GRANDkids all weekend long!!!! Loved every minute.