Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catching Up

Just a little conversation to share between Jaxon and Daddy. I thought it was too cute.

This happened a few days after Jaxon's birthday. Jaxon, Jason and I were sitting on the couch after Jaden had gone to bed (don't tell Jaden the three of us have a small "party" after he goes to bed or we'll never get him in bed again!). Anyway, we were discussing how old Jaxon was now and giving him a hard time that he should still be 3.

Daddy: "Oh my, you mean Mommy and I don't have a 3-year-old anymore?"
Jaxon: "Nope. I'm 4."
Daddy: "Well, what about Jaden?"
Jaxon: "He's 6, Daddy. And I'm 4."

[And then came this pause and a sudden discovery.]

Then Jaxon excitedly said: "I'm catching up with him!"

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