Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Play it again, Jaden

We started something new last week. Well, "we" didn't, but Jaden did. I guess I can say that we all started it because we are all getting used to the piano being played ALL the time. It's amazing what can happen in just one week's time. We went from hardly ever opening our piano to never closing it and the keys being played what seems like constantly.

Don't get me wrong; I am NOT complaining. I think it's great that Jaden is loving his piano lessons and loving being able to play a song. I just never thought we'd have to put a limit on piano practice time, but we might have to do that or the rest of us might go crazy! :-)

Anyway, Jaden has asked us for a while now if he could take piano lessons. He was very impressed when his older cousin, Carter, sat down at the piano at Christmas and played us a Christmas song. He said, "Mom, I want to do that!"

So, we talked to some people here and found out that we went to church with a great piano teacher. She just happened to have an opening and was able to get him started just last week. He came home from the first lesson with a big smile on his face and said, "That was fun!" He had four "songs" (of course they are very simple right now) to learn by the time he went back yesterday and he did and can play most of them by memory.

Yesterday he came home with 6 more songs to learn by next week. One of those is "Mary Had a Little Lamb." You can listen here if you'd like:
I also have to brag a little (as if that wasn't what I was already doing :-).

When he got home yesterday from his piano lesson, I reminded the boys that it was Nana's (my mom) birthday. I found a simple version of the Happy Birthday song and asked Jaden if he wanted to try to learn to play for Nana. He said, "Sure." And within about 10-15 minutes, he was calling Nana on the phone to play her this song.
I just personally thought that was pretty good for a 6-year-old kid who has been taking piano lessons for less than a week.

By the way, Jaxon might be following in big brother's footsteps. This morning he sat down at the piano and played the first 6 notes of the Happy Birthday song all by himself. I walked in the living room because I thought it was Jaden who was supposed to be getting ready for school and was shocked to see that it was Jaxon. So, with very little of my help, he played the whole song. Jaden and Jason both walked in the living room and were pleasantly surprised that it was Jaxon playing and not me.


Linda said...

Whooo Hooooo

Nana said...

Jaden, thank you for playing me a song on my birthday! You did a GREAT job! Love you!!

The Taylors said...

He is doing an awesome job. That is so neat.

Tami said...

I am very impressed, but then again you are a very talented little boy. GREAT JOB!!! Keep up the good work. Jaxon, you keep it up too. Love you guys!!!

Joey said...

Great job Jaden. Maybe some day you can teach me how to play the piano. Love you all!