Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Read Across America

In case you didn't know, last Thursday was Read Across America day. People from all over town went to the elementary school to read to the kids throughout the day.

I had signed up to read to Jaden's class, but gave my slot to Jason instead. He mentioned that he wished he would have signed up, so I let him go in my place.

Jaden was SO excited when he found out his Daddy was going to come read to his class. I mean SOOOOOO excited! It's always really cool to me to see the excitement on the boys faces when their Daddy comes home or he's going to do something special with them. I absolutely adore that about our kids, but more importantly, I absolutely adore Jason for being the kind of Dad that gets that reaction!

Anyway, Jaxon and I went along, of course, to take pictures and to hear Dad read. He took two of our boys favorites: "Froggy Plays T-Ball" and "Froggy Plays Soccer" (given to us by Uncle Joey and Aunt Leslye!). Jaxon (in the baseball cap) had to get in the group by his big brother. Great job, Dad!

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Leslye said...

Fun times! Can't beat a good Froggy book! Some of my favorite to read to my classes!