Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun Times!

Well, as most of you know, tax season is here -- and has been for over a month now. So, thus starts the time when the boys and I travel on weekends so Daddy can work.

A couple of weekends ago, we spent the weekend in Abilene and Cody and Aunt Tami came down to join us. We just relaxed and played most of the weekend. Tami and I managed to get a little shopping in as well, of course.

We took the boys to a park on Saturday and they had lots of fun in the tire swing.

Well...Jaden and Cody did...

...Jaxon didn't like it much and wanted to play football with Nana.

Then, we got out Cody's new big frisbee. I think it took two throws, and it got stuck in a tree. We weren't far from the house so Nana had to go home to get something to get it out with. While we were doing this, it started raining on us, but we couldn't leave because we had to get the frisbee. After the frisbee came down, it stopped raining, so we stayed a bit longer and played.

Then...last Friday, Jaden had the day off from school. I took the boys to Lubbock to Jump 'n' Jungle to play for a while. They had a blast -- played almost non-stop for about 2 hours. This is Jaden pretending he is doing the luge. Yes, we watched a lot of the Olympics. :-)

Here is Jaxon twisting while he's sliding. He thought that was pretty fun.
One of the things they liked the best was the obstacle course. They would race each other and then they would have me time them. Jaden kept wanting to try and beat his record each time, so he must have done that obstacle course 50 times or more. But he had fun. Jaxon just liked to go in there and hide and try to get Jaden has he went by.
After we did this, they actually let me do a little shopping without too much complaining. It was a fun day. Jaxon and I are looking forward to the next day Jaden has off so we can have some more fun with him!


Anonymous said...

We had a fun weekend too. Looking forward to Spring Break!!

Tami said...

That was me, hit the wrong button!! Tami