Saturday, August 20, 2011

Keeping Keaton

A couple of weeks ago, we got to keep my adorable 10-month-old nephew for the day.  His Daddy had taken his Mommy away for a much-needed, much-deserved, relaxing, getaway weekend.  I don't really know where they went and I don't really know what they did -- but I do know that we got to keep Keaton for a few hours one day, and the boys and I had so much fun!

He had not really been crawling long when he came to stay.  I snapped this picture and I love it because I just wonder what was going through his little brain:  "Uh-oh...she caught me on the move....maybe I shouldn't get into that."  :-)

While it was still cool in the morning, we went outside to play.  Keaton loves this little car when he comes to our house.  But since he couldn't move it himself, Jaden thought he needed to help him.  Keaton thoroughly enjoyed his ride around the yard.

Jaxon came out of the house skating and entertained us all!

Jaden thought he would get in the car to ride instead of push, but it was a little tight in there.

We also played inside.  There were toys all over the living room.

You know, the "baby" toys that haven't been off the shelf in quite some time.  I love Little People and so I've kept all of what we have because...well...they're just such good toys.  And here's proof that they span all ages.  After Keaton left, these Little People stayed out and were played with for at least 3 days afterward.  Love that!

At one point, Keaton had followed the boys into their room.  Jaden decided he had to get on his hands and knees to show Keaton the way back to the living room.

Then, the poor baby was barricaded from some big boy activity.  He did so well though.  He just sat there and watched them and never made a fuss.

 Jaden was such a good sitter that day.  He was always wanting to take care of Keaton.  It was so sweet!  Then, I guess he decided Keaton needed to watch a little TV with him.  Precious!


Leslye said...

Looks like Keaton had a great time! Thanks for keeping him.

Tami said...

So glad you guys all had so much fun with Keaton!